We send our own royal into Ascot

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Our beautiful model Alice’ has been spotted at this years Ascot 2014. This stunner (when not saving lives as a doctor) is enjoying the sun, races and disco juice…and we are extremely jealous.



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  1. Alice Kate Webb says:

    It was a fantastic day of racing, picnics and champagne – full of unexpected wins! Not to mention mild sunburn. There were some inspiring outfits and phenomenal hats (and some that could well have been an eclectic mix of old christmas decorations and woodland debris arranged on a boldly coloured bowl). The queen looked bold yet respectable in a lovely pink number, maybe we could send her a Wind up top next year? The brass band and enthusiastic singing at the end of the last race made you have that warm, fuzzy feeling of patriotism and was followed by a live cover band that made you bop along and utilise your voicebox. Day 2 in the Royal enclosure brought a completely different experience – composed, elegant, majestic with an excited, electric atmosphere and mutterings of promising horses and unbelievably large wagers being set. The thrill of even a small bet is an emotional roller-coaster!
    Best quote of the day – ‘Would all passengers aboard the train to ascot please remove their hats to utilise the space on the train and allow more passengers to board, thank you.’
    A thoroughly recommended day!
    Dr Webb over and out.

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